Fu Cash will be greyed out in the app if you do not meet our lending rules. Don’t fret if you don’t meet these rules right now - eligibility can change over time. Read more about our lending rules.

If you are eligible, your first Fu Cash loan is limited to a maximum of $50, unless you have paid us back for an amount greater than $50 already. For future Fu Cash loans we can spot you a loan up to your Fupay spend amount (with a maximum limit of $200 available as Fu Cash).

Once you have applied for Fu Cash, our Lending Team will review your request. We will let you know within 24 hours if your application has been approved and, once approved, your Fu Cash will be deposited into your nominated bank account instantly! If your bank institution doesn’t support real time payments, please allow 24 - 48 business days for the cash to hit your account. ⏰

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