How to get the most out of the Fupay app

Congratulations! You’ve downloaded the Fupay app and are already one step closer to mastering your money. Once you’ve connected your bank accounts and set up your profile, it’s time to think about how you want to use the Fupay app in the long run.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most value out of our app.

1. Get Fu Flow going

Fu Flow is a feature in the Fupay app that analyses your bank transactions to forecast your bills, income, and spending habits across multiple pay cycles.

How does it work?

Ever sign up to a free trial that you forgot to cancel? Jump into Fu Flow and see all those upcoming bills you may not have known about (or remembered were coming).

Top tip

Go through upcoming bills and direct debits in Fu Flow, and see if there are any unexpected or unwanted subscription fees. Often, smartphone app purchases slip through our fingers unnoticed because they’re smaller fees, or because they’re only charged annually.

Once you’ve cancelled these direct debits, jump back into the Fupay App. You can update and edit your upcoming bills in Fu Flow to reflect those cancellations, and see a revised (and hopefully improved) cash flow.

2. Check out Fu Place

Fu Place is our newest feature in the Fupay App. It’s an exclusive gold mine of bargains and cash-back that only FuPay users like you can access. But it also comes with some pretty unique features you may not have seen before!

How does it work?

For most of us, money does not grow on trees! Sadly, this fact ain’t often reflected in most online shopping experiences. Fu Place helps you out here by letting you know if you’ve got some discretionary cash to spend, or whether we can spot you some so you can grab that deal before it goes.

Top tip

You don’t have to pay with a Fu Card or by borrowing any money from us—shop your way, with your own cash. You can pay how you like.

Please note: if you do use our Fu Card or Fu Cash options to pay for items in Fu Place, there will be a minimum spend limit of $20. Currently, we cannot part-pay for items in your cart either. You must either pay for or borrow the full purchase amount when you are ready to check out.

3. Browse Fu Card, Fu Bills and Fu Cash

Fu Card, Fu Bills and Fu Cash offer you different ways to help manage your money until payday. Access to these facilities are subject to our responsible lending criteria, but how they work varies slightly.

The costs to you for these services remains the same for each feature. We charge you 5% of the amount you borrow from us, to cover the cost of transferring money. You then pay us back over an eight week period. That’s it.

What’s the catch?

Not everyone will meet our strict affordability criteria. This means if you do not meet our responsible lending guidelines, we cannot lend you money. If this is the case for you, you will not be able to use the Fu Card, Fu Bills or Fu Cash features.

Affordability not a problem? Read on.

Fu Bills helps you break up the cost of big bills

The Fu Bills feature lets you pass bigger bills onto us to pay on your behalf. This means you can pay your bills on time, avoid any disconnections or late fees, and you won’t be left stony broke until next payday.

Top tip: If you have trouble saving up for big bills in advance, use this feature to break up the cost over a few pay cycles. Please note that the maximum bill amount we can pay is $500.

Fu Card helps you pay for what you need, when you need it...

The Fu Card is our virtual bank card that you can use to tap and pay while you’re on the run. It’s there to help you if you find yourself unexpectedly short.

Please note:

Your spend limit will be determined by your personal affordability criteria, which can span from $0-$200, and you should note that that limit can change at any time.

Top tip: While you can use the Fu Card anywhere that accepts tap and pay facilities, we don’t recommend using it for discretionary purchases that you might not have otherwise bought. It’s designed to be used as a back-up for emergencies.

Fu Cash for everything else!

Sometimes you need it in cash, and for that, we can spot you a loan of up to $200. If you are eligible to use this service, Fu Cash lets us deposit cash in your bank account.

Like our other lending options, Fu Cash is not available to everyone, and the amount you can borrow is subject to strict affordability criteria and is liable to change at any time.

Top tip: If you’re worried about overdrawn fees or having sufficient funds for direct debits, this feature can help you avoid unnecessary deductions from your bank account.

We understand that people earning less tend to pay a disproportionate amount of unnecessary fees, and a key part of escaping that cycle is simply to get to a point where you’re not being constantly hit with them.

4. Keep coming back!

Mastering your money isn’t an overnight process. Start thinking about where you want to be financially, and how you can get there (even if you don’t earn a huge amount of money). To do that, you’re going to need to get really well acquainted with your cash flow.

That means coming back to the Fupay app regularly and checking where you're at.

And that’s something we think Fupay does brilliantly: it demystifies your finances, so you can take charge of your bank account!

Got any other questions? Check out our FAQs here.

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