New to Fupay? Welcome aboard 👋

To get started, simply download the Fupay app through the App Store or Google Play. The app is easy to use and will guide you through the steps required to be able to access the Fupay features including Fu Flow, Fu Place and our BNPL features (access to BNPL is subject to eligibility and lending criteria).

Fu Place, Fu Flow, Fu Cash, Fu Bills, Fu Card are all accessible through our app.

Our Top Features:

  • Access exclusive deals on Fu Place 🛍️

    Our newest kid on the block, Fu Place is a feature that gives Fupay users exclusive access to bargains and cash-back offers from retailers and services.

  • See those direct debits before they hit with Fu Flow 🔭

    Fu Flow is more than just a summary of how you spent your money last month (also: boring!). Fu Flow is a handy little forecaster of all your direct debit bills, other bills, spending habits and upcoming income across multiple pay cycles to give you meaningful insights to your financial position going forward.

    Go have a look around this feature. We’re confident you’re going to feel way more confident about what you have to spend until your next pay - no budgets required.

  • Fu Bills helps you break up the cost of big bills

    Fu Bills lets you pay bigger bills (up to $500 depending on your eligibility). This means you can pay your bills on time, avoid any disconnections or late fees, and you won’t be left broke until your next pay.

  • Fu Card helps you pay for what you need on the go

    Fu Card is our virtual card that you can use to tap and go while you’re on the run or when shopping online. It’s there to help you if you find yourself unexpectedly short.

  • Fu Cash for everything else!

    Sometimes you need it in cash, and for that, we can spot you a loan of up to $200 and deposit cash in your bank account if eligible.

What’s the catch?

Not everyone will meet our affordability criteria. This means if you do not meet our responsible lending criteria, we cannot lend you money.

See if you’re eligible for our lending services: Fu Card, Fu Bills and Fu Cash 💳

Fu Card, Fu Bills and Fu Cash offer you different ways to help manage your money until your next pay. They are all subject to our responsible lending criteria, and the costs to you for these services remains the same for each feature.

How to know if you’ve got affordability by our lending criteria:

Fu Card, Fu Bills and Fu Cash will be greyed out in the app if you do not meet our lending rules. Don’t fret if you don’t meet these rules right now - eligibility can change over time.

Please note:

Access to Fu Card, Fu Bills and Fu Cash is subject to eligibility. If you are eligible the app will show you your estimated spend amount. This amount is dynamic which means that it can change, go up or down, based on the most recent transactional data from your linked bank accounts against an assessment of our lending criteria. This is not a traditional credit service, and we advise you to read the full terms and conditions before using this feature.

Initial Fu Cash loans are limited to $50. If you have already repaid a spot (Fu Bills, Fu Card or Fu Cash) greater than $50, this limit is waived.

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