Download the Fupay app through the App Store or Google Play, link your bank accounts and, if you are eligible for an estimated spend amount, you will be asked to verify your identity (known as KYC or Know Your Customer).

To verify your identity you will need one of the following identification documents:

1. Australian Drivers License

- Must show your full name and DOB

- Must be current (not expired, cancelled or suspended)

2. Australian Passport

- Must show your full name including any middle names and DOB

- Must be current (not expired, cancelled or suspended)

3. Medicare Card

- Must show your full name

- Must be current (not expired)

Once you have entered your document details into the app and have successfully been verified, the app will ask you to set up your primary bank account and complete direct debit authority. The primary bank account selected will be the account to which your repayments will come out of or where any Fu Cash requests that have been approved will be deposited. You can also complete direct debit authority for your secondary accounts, allowing repayments to come out of these if there is not enough funds in your primary account when your scheduled repayment is due.

The important bits!

Access to Fu Cash, Fu Bills and Fu Cash is subject to eligibility. If you are eligible the app will show you your estimated spend amount. This amount is dynamic which means that it can change, go up or down, based on the most recent transactional data from your linked bank accounts against an assessment of our lending criteria. This is not a traditional credit service, and we advise you to read the full terms and conditions before using this feature.

If you have any questions, our Fu crew would love to hear from you via our online chat or email us at

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