How to set up my Fu Card:

You can set up your card by selecting the "Set up Card" prompt when you login or complete your account creation. You can also commence setup of your card by navigating to the Fupay section of the app and selecting Fu Card. Once you have completed your card creation you will need to add your card to your mobile device wallet in order to use your card in store.

How to use my Fu Card in store:

When you're in store simply open up your mobile device wallet & tap your phone to pay at the Eftpos terminal! If you require some help with this please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

How to use my Fu card online:

  1. Navigate into the Fupay section of the app

  2. Select Fu Card

  3. Follow the prompts to create your new Fu Card

  4. From here you can progress to add your card to your mobile device wallet should you wish to utilise your card in store, if not you can simply tap the X button

  5. If you then navigate into the Fu Card section you will be presented with your card details to use online

  6. Select the copy icon to copy your card details (see below).

  7. Select the rotate icon to flip your card to see and copy your CVV (see below).

These deets work just the same as any other card, provided you've got the limit in the app, you're good to go!!

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