When you link your bank account with Fupay, our technology automatically identifies stuff that looks to be regularly happening within your data, such as income and how regularly it's occurring, which ultimately helps us to identify what we think is your paycycle.

We then look to see any regular bills throughout the year and estimate how frequently they are happening and how much they are likely to be.

Lastly we categorise your spending and work out what looks to be regular spending activity Vs stuff that's a once-off like a holiday.

We use things that regularly occur in your transactions to forecast what the future looks like and we keep track of these things so as they change, your dash changes too!

The FutureYou dash is all about providing you with a guideline of what future paycycles probably look like, if things don't look right on your dash you can change just about anything to make it match what's really going on.

  • You can change paycycle frequencies and turn off/choose which bank accounts you display on your dashboard by selecting the ... toggle in the top right hand corner. 

  • You can recategorise transactions, mark them as bills or paydays simply by tapping a transaction displayed when you click into your data. 

  • You can edit your estimated spending by simply clicking into your spend and overriding the data. 

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