Fupay, pronounced "Foo-pay" is the smarter way to manage and spend your money, Buy Now Pay Later almost everything and discover personalised savings and rewards.

We are a little bit different being a responsible spending and lending app. We’re not here to judge you and tell you to stop buying your morning coffees forever if you want to save money. We’re about helping you find a better way to live and spend with cashflow forecasting without the dreariness of manual budgeting.

The Fupay app can help you do that by giving you insights into your pay cycle cash flow, giving you access to exclusive cash-back offers and bargains to get a better deal when you need it, and by providing an affordable means of borrowing money if you need it (lending criteria applies).

The Fupay app offers so many great features, all with the aim of empowering our members to Live Large and Take Charge of their lifestyle. 📱 💸

We do this through our 3 main features:

Responsible Payment Smoothing (BNPL)

Buy Now Pay Later your everyday essentials like food, rent, cash or bills with Fu Bills, Fu Cash or our Fu Card which allows you to tap & pay almost anywhere to help you smooth your finances (subject to our Terms of Service and approval criteria)

Cash Flow Forecasting

Fu flow brings together your bank account and transactional data to give you a holistic view of all your finances. Our app has the smarts to automatically update and categorize your financial info to give you insights so you know where you stand, where you are headed and assist you in making better spending decisions.

Smart Spend

This feature is an exclusive gold mine of bargains and cash-back offers that only Fupay users can access.

Don't worry, we've got Fu'ing legit security too! We have multiple layers of banking-grade security keeping sneaky people out - ourselves included. Read more about our security here 💪

So what are you waiting for? Download the app on iOS or Android and get started today 📲 💸 ⚡️

Our full Terms of Service can be found here.

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